Financial modeling

  • Built a highly optimized, near-real-time financial modeling and computation engine to drive the application.
  • Distributed architecture with no-sql backend, load balancing and replication
  • Freed an industry from the depths of Excel hell, bringing a modern user interface paradigms, the power of the web to financial modeling, and state of the art unit and functional testing.
  • It scaled: capable of computing 75,000 formulas and computations in a single request, in less than 2 seconds, for 100 concurrent users.
  • The app is now serving over 9000 users, with over 13,000 valuation scenarios calculated to date.

When CoLab began working with Valuate enterprise commercial real estate software was laboring through a bit of a dark ages: clunky software, painful user experience, ghastly interface design.

Enter Valuate.


Valuate is an immensely powerful online tool that brings to the web, the complex financial modeling previously only found in the custom Excel worksheets of the world’s most successful commercial real estate analysts.

We worked with the team at Real Estate Financial Modeling to design, develop and bring to market this revolutionary SaaS product, aiming to replace these often byzantine, homebrewed templates with a modern, intuitive and vastly more powerful web application.

Valuate is a full-stack JavaScript application, built with Backbone, Bootstrap and leveraging many visualization and user interface libraries. On the back-end the system is driven by a NodeJS and document-oriented database-driven custom API server, optimized for financial modeling and clustered computing.

Valuate showcases our teams extensive JavaScript knowledge, as well as our experience working with enterprise-focused product development teams to meet sophisticated requirements.

We look forward to sharing a further update on future iterations of this exciting product as it continues to evolve.

Bruce Kirsch
Founder, Valuate and REFM

CoLab allowed me to transition from selling Excel-based products to small and medium size businesses to selling a web-based service to the enterprise. They are a talented, conscientious, passionate, professional group. I am very lucky to have found them.


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