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"I found the experience with CoLab to be smooth, professional, detail oriented, and technologically excellent." ... "CoLab is unique because they are aligned with my social justice values." ... "I would definitely recommend CoLab Co-op to other professionals in the creative sector."

Favianna Rodriguez
CEO / Owner, Studios

As a global worker-owned cooperative and certified B Corp, CoLab stands out from the extractive business norms, especially in its industry. Distinctive in its culture and structure, CoLab is committed to supporting organizations and projects creating beneficial social and environmental impacts. Its communal and impact-based principles attract talent with a rare blend of experience and empathy well beyond some simple infatuation for technology and its intoxicating potential. CoLab is authentically committed to serving those who would use technology to change the world.

Steven Lee
LIFT Economy, Force for Good Fund

Colab Cooperative was the only qualified choice for this work given the unique intersection of skillsets required, and they did great work that will benefit low-income workers and support our mission to fight poverty through the development of a more equitable cooperative economy."

Steven Lee
Managing Director, RobinHood Foundation

"CoLab delivered 150% on the collaborative approach. That made a huge difference to the success of the project. They weren't just looking at the short-term goal, but also the long-term strategy for storytelling, user experience, performance and scalability. It was invaluable and they completely delivered in that regard."

Sarah Thompson
Marketing Manager, Digital & Direct to Consumer, Seventh Generation

"Colab's work was very high quality. The developer we worked with clearly showed how important it was to him that the work be fast, attractive, usable, and accessible to site administrators. It was also great to work with a team for whom Oceana's mission of healthier oceans was so important."

Alex Bea
Client Lead, Oceana

"The CoLab team combines technical expertise, professionalism, and empathy for their clients' mission. They delivered precisely what I wanted — before I knew what I wanted! I can tell that they want me to succeed as much as I do."

Daniel Mansoor
Founder, GiveNext

"CoLab allowed me to transition from selling Excel-based products to small and medium size businesses to selling a web-based service to the enterprise. They are a talented, conscientious, passionate, professional group. I am very lucky to have found them."

Bruce Kirsch
Founder, Valuate and REFM

"CoLab was so phenomenally helpful in setting up our end of year communications. We were successful in our goals and it is the best fundraising year Prison Radio has seen to date."

Jules Cowan
Prison Radio

"It's not just their design and technical chops that sets CoLab above the crowd. It's their profound commitment to use their talents to do good. It permeates every detail and interaction. Making them an indispensable member of Lift's support team."

Shawn Berry
Founder, LIFT Business Design

"What’s been exciting about working with CoLab is that there’s a depth of experience in a wide range of development technologies and methodologies, so we’ve been able to avoid stupid mistakes and learn to do things right. CoLab saved us from a costly mistake, and is working on a simpler way to get us what we need."

Margy Levine Young
Web Team Manager, United Universalist Association

"The CoLab people are truly collaborative. Perfect when you want something that's customized and would like to deal with people who are personable and wonderful to work with."

Meredith Ramirez Talusan
Founder, Ricefield Collective

"CoLab always goes above and beyond with all of their creative and technical work. They make e-commerce elementary."

Peter Kobzeff
CFO and Co-Founder, Diamond Select
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