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Project Check-In

The following questions are intended to help you clarify your project and help us learn about how we can best collaborate with you.
Tell us about your history. How did you start, and what is your mission today?
1-2 sentence description of your project.
What is the stage of your project? Assessing feasibility, proof of concept, scaling up, or scaling across?
Who will this project serve and what do they need? What benefit will your project create for the population you serve?
Who else is doing something similar to you?
What is the business problem being solved with this project? What are the costs and benefits associated with this problem?
Tell us something or someone that really moves you or inspires you.
What are the guiding principles of the approach?
Have you allocated resources for this project? Do you need to raise capital?
When would you like to see this project launch? Why that date?
Do you have a team we would collaborate with? Examples: In-house design team or outside PR firm.
What is the current technology stack, if applicable?
I would like to receive monthly updates from CoLab.

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