A Decade of Overcoming Challenges

When times are tough, when dreams are big and bold, when the stakes are high; you need a technology partner you can trust.

CoLab Cooperative is your trusted ally.

As a worker-owned technology cooperative with a decade of experience building digital solutions for impactful organizations, CoLab Cooperative was founded to amplify impact for organizations with social and ecological missions.

A human-centered approach

We design technologies to meet human needs and surmount community challenges. Our work begins with a human-centered design process. By connecting, listening, and deeply understanding your needs we can lower risk, maximize impact, and help you flourish.

Our hearts are invested.

We care about the impact we achieve together. At CoLab, tech is a means to positive social and ecological outcomes. A means to support community self-sufficiency. As a force for good, we will work with you to find a way.

Sarah Thompson
Marketing Manager, Digital & Direct to Consumer

CoLab delivered 150% on the collaborative approach. That made a huge difference to the success of the project. They weren't just looking at the short-term goal, but also the long-term strategy for storytelling, user experience, performance and scalability. It was invaluable and they completely delivered in that regard.

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Our Services

Requirements Gathering

What does your system or website need to do? We can perform user research and help you with strategic planning.

Drupal 9 Update

What technologies will help? We can review your requirements and create a recommended technical approach.


Information Architecture

What’s the important information that you offer? We can look at it through the lens of your intended audience, help structure it, and test our designs.

Website & App Implementation

We can implement your designs and functionality using a variety of technologies, including Drupal, WordPress, Rails, Node.js, Django, and Solid.

Technical Planning

What technologies will help? We can review your requirements and create a recommended technical approach.

Adapting to Remote Working

We've been working as a remote, distributed team for years and can provide meeting facilitation and recommend remote working tools.

Get Started

Adapting to your situation

Our overarching intent is to discern the best way to support you and your team with:

With experience and trust

We’ve been a safe haven for many customers dissatisfied with previous technical partners and work products. You can trust us.

Rest assured that CoLab will work with integrity, honesty and equity with you as our partner. Likewise our ethics extend to our own teammates who we care for as family. By choosing to work with CoLab, you help us to better serve our own communities.

We’re experienced.

CoLab has expertise in a diverse portfolio of web technologies, co-design processes, and business models including practice in designing and building platform cooperatives.

We can support you in making the decision that is best for you and your team.

I was thrilled that CoLab provided major customization built around my needs as an artist and thought leader. Another aspect I really loved about their approach was the way in which all team members were engaged in the build out process and how they were very responsive to my goals overall. As a whole CoLab has excellent attention to detail and they build customized web tools that match the goals of the client and that can easily adapt to growth.

Favianna Rodriguez
Artist, Social Justice Activist
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We Play Nice Together

Collaboration and remote work is in our DNA. As the world’s first transnational technology cooperative, we thrive in partnering with diverse peers and organizations. If you have an idea for how we might work together to take on a larger project, together. Please feel free to reach out.