Stop the Pity

Unlock the potential


The project came to us by way of ReAllocate and we jumped at the chance to fulfill a giveback opportunity. The site was nearing completion when it was handed off, but needed a strong team to close it out and give it some needed mobile optimization love.

Stop the Pity refers to themselves as a movement that tells a new story about poverty. A story about potential — the potential that every person has, regardless of circumstance, to create an amazing life for themselves and their community. Is that powerful or what?

Nyla Rodgers
CEO & Founding Director, Mama Hope

You were able to build an entire website with acute professionalism. Your generous contribution will help to further the important work of our organization by opening up our brand to millions of new supporters.

This past weekend the project was showcased as an official partner of the Life is Beautiful Festival along side some large organizations like Charity Water. It took a strong push to get it completed for the festival, but we worked it out. We hope the resulting site will help Stop The Pity spread word of the great work it is doing and encourage many more to support and join the movement.

It shouldn’t go without mention the other do gooders who partnered to bring the project together: Mama Hope, ReAllocate, Hope Phones, Architecture for Humanity, Journey of Action, RYOT, CTC International, and The Adventure Project.


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