Mama Hope

For Impact, Not For Profit



Love, collaboration, partnership, shared abundance... This is the story CoLab is writing, so when we first read that manifesto from Mama Hope above, we knew something special was about to happen. What is so beautiful and inspiring about Mama Hope is not just that they can write such a warm, fuzzy declaration of do goodery, but that they back it up with action. Grounded in empathy, ingenuity and human connection, they are building schools, children centers, water kiosks, boarding homes, drip irrigation systems, health clinics and community centers.

To date, the organization has completed over 50 high-impact social development projects in Africa. impacting 150,000+ people.

  • Front-end Design
  • Project Managment
  • Web Development
  • Rapid-prototyping
  • Responsive Design
  • User Experience Design
  • Graphic Design


We were introduced to through our work on the Stop the Pity project. We witnessed the profound impact and connection the organization had within their respective communities. We also saw how thier work supporting the sustainable well-being of the African communities aligned harmoniously with the principles upheld by CoLab. This propelled us forward as we endevored to enhance their visibility and elevate the organizations online presence.

On the technical side, they wanted to streamline the process through which donors can financially support their various initiatives. Through our work together, we were able to create a visually compelling presentation of all their great work, showcasing the positive effects of these projects within the country. Additionally, this new platform highlighting the human element enabled them to establish increased trust with partners and supporting organizations.

Nyla Rodgers
CEO & Founding Director, Mama Hope

You were able to build an entire website with acute professionalism. Your generous contribution will help to further the important work of our organization by opening up our brand to millions of new supporters.


After consideration of the client’s needs and resources, we landed on Squarespace as compatible solution allowing for customization where it was needed and efficiency where it wasn't. The fact that MamaHope was an active participant in the development of thier new site, allowed us to eliminate the design static mock ups and go straight to prototypes. They were able to organize and generate content efficiently and trusted in our process. We started directly developing wireframes within Squarespace, confirming with them that the fundamental navigation and architecture made sense and plugging in content they had ready. If an element required greater design attention, we could block that out with a place holder. The fidelity increased over time and the questions became smaller and easier to answer. In this way, we employed a ‘lean prototyping’ model without the need for an extensive review/approve process and to keep budget lean and focused.

The product of our partnership was a fully redesigned website that included a compelling narrative and call to action. Overall, this raised the profile of their social programs and community advocacy work helping affiliates implement local projects.


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