Storytelling for the green economy

  • Native iOS mobile application and web platform
  • Mobile and web UX
  • Business development support with a sales MVP
  • Custom code scanning technology to replace QR codes
  • Content focused design process

Humans are curious by nature. We want to know. We want to know where a thing comes from — who made it and how? For a long time consumers have been buying blind. Imagine knowing the full story behind the goods you choose — including the faces behind the people who made them.


CoLab was thrilled to be approached with an opportunity to support consumer rights. We firmly believe that informed consumers makes better decisions, and from there a better world is not far behind. We signed on as designers, developers, and strategic consultants. It's not every day a visionary company like INTO finds a technical support team who can share their vision with passion and excitement.

INTO's ambitions were set high. Their intention was to become the preeminent storytelling platform for the green economy through partnerships with companies like Whole Foods, Fair Trade USA, and Sambazon. We were excited to help INTOget traction from their MVP product while building an enterprise-grade application, CMS and API.

In order to provide the best possible opportunity for success, CoLab brought together a cross-disciplinary team that included:

  • Cross-platform UX and UI design
  • Native iOS application development
  • API development
  • Strategic business consulting, calling on our management team's experience in venture capital

Success came quickly for INTO once CoLab jumped on board.

Using a modular server running NodeJS, we built a REST API to serve both iOS and web applications. The custom AngularJS CMS uses Amazon S3 to store all of INTO’s high-definition photos and videos.

Our business development strategy team helped the visionaries come up with a marketing and sales plan. The first step was entering trade-shows, giving INTO exposure to potential clients. Soon one-on-one meetings were being held with the top green companies. Before long, INTO was securing pre-sales commitments to a product that was still under development.

Through our strategic efforts, CoLab helped INTO successfully raise additional capital right from the beginning. This enabled them to further invest in their product development and market roll-out strategy. CoLab's success with INTO culminated in our ability to approach a vision with incredible technical and business complexity and distill it into an elegant solution.

Through a combination of INTO's ecologically, socially, and economically compelling vision and CoLab's technical and strategic expertise, INTO is truly tracked for success.

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