Human Rights Campaign

Workplace equality

  • Integrate their existing database with location data from a 3rd party Google Places API
  • Expand their reach from iPhone-only to the full range of Android and iOS devices with a hybrid app
  • Allow the Human Rights Campaign to update the listing on the phone without releasing a new app

The Human Rights Campaign had a wealth of data about where people could shop to vote with their dollars, but their iOS-only app was outdated and had no API integration, requiring a full rebuild every time they updated their database of 7000 companies’ records on workplace equality.


We worked with them to redesign and reimplement their application as a cross-platform, Phonegap and Backbone-based mobile application. The final project mashed-up places data from the Google Places API with the organization's own brand database to help users find brands and retailers whose values aligned with their own. We developed both the front-end application, using Backbone Marionette and Bootstrap, along with a backend API server to expose the organization's database and merge it with Google's location data.

The final application works on web, iOS and Android. The Human Rights Campaign saw their app users more than double within weeks of the new app's launch.


Sanjay Bhangar Inder Brar Tomaž Korenika Cris Nelson Amandeep Sapra Jenn Schlick Ethan Winn