Blue Marble Project

Small business, big impact

The Blue Marble Project on multiple devices
  • Content-first design
  • Focus on an authentic editorial voice
  • Research and strategy every step of the way

Making a difference for the environment in today’s political landscape is a complex road to walk, filled with hidden roadblocks and red tape. The The Blue Marble Project (BMP) was born to guide organizations through this complex terrain using their expertise in strategy, campaign management and alliance development.

When BMP was introduced to CoLab, they had clarity of purpose and all the connections, knowledge, and passion necessary to provide an exceptional set of services. They were an experienced team, but a young company without a website or a developed brand. They were ready to hit the ground running. CoLab would help them do exactly that, collaborating to build the foundation for a successful company. This was an exciting opportunity for CoLab, aligning with our mission to support businesses working toward a brighter future.


We began by diving into some of the most in depth research we've ever done. We interviewed the BMP architect, Alex Matthiessen, several members of the BMP team, and their current clients. We identified key customer personas, and conducted an analysis of the current landscape.

Our conversations with the Blue Marble team helped us establish a direction for their website that reflected the personality of their organization.

Diving deep into the customer interviews, we focused on who Blue Marble was serving so the website’s content, design, and unique tools spoke directly to the target audience.

The landscape analysis revealed competitors relying on formal language and laundry lists of services to appeal to a broad audience. BMP was different: focused on collaboration, personal relationships, and deeply dedicated to responsible stewardship of the planet. CoLab would tailor a website that celebrated and reflected this uniqueness.


Directly from our research came the content strategy. Through the magic of Jess Sand, data transformed into a site-flow, a rough map outlining the content and design.

Here is where we hit one of the central challenges of the project: how do we explain the complex and unique services of BMP in down-to-earth, easily understood, plain English, and make it appealing to potential customers? It took trial, error, and collaboration to craft approachable content that allowed the group’s personality and work style to shine through.


Abby Allen guided the development of the brand, Jessica Peery created the logo design, and Ralph Cutler led the charge on web and mobile design. There was also significant collaboration with the Blue Marble team, who came to us with examples of the aesthetic they wanted to inspire us and provide direction.

This project is an excellent example of content-first design. The actual design and UX (user experience) took cues from the content strategy we established early on. The framework of the website was built by aligning BMP’s core values with the specific needs of their target audience. Everything we did would be carefully crafted to best serve site visitors. Ralph translated this strategy into an aesthetic design that was both human, establishing trust with potential customer, and elegantly clean, reflecting BMP’s high level of professionalism.


Noam Eppel designed the site in WordPress. This solution enabled the client to have ongoing control over their content. The development was optimized to ensure that the site loads and runs very fast. Their unique, custom designed menu looks good on desktops, laptops, and mobile devices.


In the end, CoLab had the rewarding experience of collaborating to help Blue Marble Project expand their business and secure new opportunities.

This project was a success thanks to the many complimentary disciplines working closely together to produce a holistic product: landscape analysis, brand identity, market research, content strategy, design work, marketing strategy, and content management system implementation.

And, we had fun to boot! When asked about this project, CoLabr Jess Sand said:

Working with the CoLab team on this project was a blast; it’s hugely rewarding to be part of a team that is so collaborative and committed to excellent, client-driven work.


Ralph Cutler Noam Eppel Smriti Gupta Rylan Peery