Tomaž Korenika

Owner, Senior Technologist
Tomaz Korenika


Tomaž is a technology enthusiast and collaboration addict. He approaches his work with curiosity and passion, learning new things every day. Tomaž got his inspiration to delve into technology from his father, a computer science engineer working with multifunctional DOS (PC-MOS) and Windows. He loves to experiment with various technologies, working on the front-end and back-end of most of his projects. Tomaž brings a balance of easy-going joy and responsibility to his projects. He loves injecting laughter into the workplace allowing it to support collaboration, innovation, and focus.

An active open source contributor, Tomaž is dedicated to transparency and collaboration. He plays the guitar and listens to lots of rock, punk, and jazz music. He also enjoys reading, especially technical papers. Tomaž finds purpose in helping people achieve their dreams.