Rylan Peery

Owner, Co-Founder
Rylan Peery


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Rylan’s mission is to co-develop solutions supporting the evolution of community and planet: a theme he explored deeply while studying at the intersection of technology, anthropology and biology at Stanford University.

Rylan began his professional journey cultivating technology expertise by working at a Silicon Valley venture capital firm. There he placed his focus on understanding the capital needs of social enterprise technology ventures and envisioning alternative economic models for financing co-operative development.

From finance, Rylan embarked on a journey as a developer and entrepreneur co-founding a technology startup, GiveBack; consulting on business strategy with Fortune 500 clients; and rolling up his sleeves as a front-end web engineer via a digital agency founded with his wife, Jessica. One of these early technology experiments was converted into the co-operative that is CoLab Co-op today.

Rylan now enjoys collaborating with his peers to support mission-driven entrepreneurs, educators, activists, and organizers to co-create a brighter future one human interaction at a time. At CoLab, Rylan serves as a member-owner working as a technology strategist, a product designer and a financial liaison to the tech co-op movement.

On the personal front, Rylan is a father of 5, a lifelong outdoor adventurer, surfer, yogi, and a novice permaculture enthusiast. Rylan is fascinated by the potential of decentralized networks, interactive art and blockchain technology to transform the future.