Rylan Peery

Owner, Co-Founder
Rylan Peery


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As a co-founder of CoLab Cooperative, Rylan is an impact technology entrepreneur of 20+ years. His professional focus has been on developing end-to-end expertise in the life cycle of technological systems, from user research to design prototyping to lean development to investment financing and commercial growth. He began this journey at Stanford University with a focus on sustainable development in Latin America out of a deep empathic concern for the abuse of marginalized people and the planet.

At CoLab, Rylan offers partners like Up & Go his user research, strategic planning, and product management skills, having collaborated with peers on the successful prototyping, financing, and commercial launch of one of the world’s most important multi-stakeholder cooperative platforms. Today, Rylan focuses on the codesign and development of platform initiatives at the intersection of ecology, ethics, and community development with an eye on the instantiation of a decentralized ecosystem of interoperable regenerative technologies. Rylan is also a researcher at Stanford University’s Boundaries of Humanity Project where he explores the potential of collaborative frameworks, linked data, machine learning, and community data trusts to protect human dignity and contribute to the flourishing of all of life.