Margy Levine Young

Owner, Project Manager and Migration Analyst
Margy Levine Young

Margy has been working in technology for over 30 years, in roles ranging from stand-up trainer, tech writer, project manager, usability tester, information architect, and occasionally even developer. She started working with Drupal in 2014 and manages three large Drupal sites. She loves making checklists, organizing teams, and getting projects finished. Writing documentation is second nature to Margy -- she is undaunted by a blank page (or screen) and specializes in clear instructions (let's hear it for numbered steps!). She is also excited about automated testing, where scripts regularly run through the major functions of a website spotting errors that might creep in.

Before joining CoLab, Margy co-authored more than 25 computer books on topics from UNIX to Microsoft Access to the Internet, including several bestsellers (like The Internet For Dummies). She and her husband Jordan live in Vermont with their cats and barnyard poultry. Her grown children are Meg, a budding anthropologist, and Zac, professional slight-of-hand magician and the future campaign communication director for the winning presidential candidate in 2024.