Karen Menezes

Owner, Front-End Developer
Karen Menezes


Fresh & Local


Karen feels blessed that she wasn’t born at a time when the internet already existed. She feels eternally grateful to know how fulfilling life could be without this implied accessibility to information. Yet, how nourishing life is when one is potentially connected to every member of the human race. Karen is attracted to the philosophy of the open web and how it is (theoretically) accessible to everyone.

Karen graduated with a double major in anthropology and psychology and went on to do a one year postgraduate course in sustainable development. It wasn't until later than Karen started delving deep into the tech world, specializing in front-end development and design. Karen loves working with user experience solutions, a responsive web that cuts across barriers and keeps in touch with current standards for front-end development.

In her spare time, Karen loves dancing, playing drums, permaculture and sustainable development, exploring alternative healing therapies, cooking, and experimenting with CSS. Above all she hopes she can leave a light, yet meaningful footprint on this planet.