Jeff Amaral


Although showing some early antipathy for formal schooling, Jeff Amaral embraced the DIY ethos in his approach to learning, teaching himself web technology (among other things) in the process of doing.

Jeff is an avid cyclist who has logged many thousands of miles in two-wheel transit over the years, and he continues to extol the physical and social benefits of bike culture. These days it is all about the family -- outside of computers, his wife and four young children have become his on-going passion and interest.

He has always held a sincere belief in the validity of collective ownership, and Jeff brings with him a strong alignment to the synergetic culture here at CoLab. He is especially fascinated by the power of web technologies and computers to address solvable problems and uncover novel solutions to our shared challenges. Some notable projects include work with the Museum of Science in Boston and Cornell University’s College of Agriculture and Life Science.

Jeff enjoys helping clients discover technology strategies that meet a variety of needs; he is great with communication and interpreting abstract ideas into actionable tasks. He has a knack for problem solving and teasing out solutions to problems that commonly appear in web development projects.

A highly skilled and experienced developer, he can navigate the Drupal API and write custom modules with ease, and strives to keep sites lean, with only the most essential and trusted third-party extensions.

Before departing, Jeff would consider transferring his consciousness to a machine or clone.