Ethan Winn

Senior Strategist

Ethan started coding as a kid on his Atari 800 and the Apple IIc at school. He imagined one day he'd be an intrepid techno-revolutionary, taking down the oppressive regimes of cyberpunk future with techno-wizardry. In 1992 he got his first job working on the web, mentored by the wonderful Peter Brooks of Micromind, who built and supported a browser that connected to the internet without the need for the then new fangled "PPP" connections. He left college in 1999 to join a group of music-industry insiders who were launching a multimedia firm specializing in interactive websites for the music industry, and has been working in online tech ever since.

After working for profit-minded startups in Silicon Alley for the first 10 years of his career, Ethan decided to bring his dreams and principles back into alignment with his work and began working exclusively with organizations working for social change. Since then he has worked with groups ranging from local community development corporations to large multinational social enterprises and non-profits. His focus is on the intersection of technology and social change strategy, working with technical teams to realize the priorities of visionaries working to build a more equitable and sustainable future, within the realistic constraints of social change work.

Ethan believes passionately that diversity, anti-oppression and full personal, artistic, spiritual and professional self-realization are central to the success of all who are working together to make a better future. He also loves to ski, dance, run, read poetry and laugh with those he loves… which are most people.