Colleen Skemp

Owner Member / Operations Support and Cultural Co-Lead / Project Manager

Colleen is a dedicated keeper of operations and community spirit. Outside of managing tasks, budgets, and teams, Colleen actively supports her colleagues, helping them thrive and build meaningful connections in our community. She brings heart, sharp focus, and high standards to all that she does.

A former actor and preschool teacher, Colleen is a natural storyteller. Colleen has a bachelor's degree in writing from Ithaca College. She grew up in the bluffs of the Northern Mississippi River Valley in Northern Minnesota, later moving to Chicago, where she performed Shakespeare and improv. Colleen uses her communication skills, positive energy, and sense of play to craft a unique creative vision and shape CoLab Culture.

Recently, Colleen has been enjoying the digital-nomad lifestyle, having recently returned to the Hive in upstate New York after an extended stay throughout Europe. She has developed a new-found passion for writing and painting, and is committed to daily exercise and outdoor excursions. Being with groups like CoLab gives her an opportunity to find balance between work life and personal development. Her goal is to help other CoLabrs strike this balance so we can all love our lives and do our best work!!

With Colleen’s vision and diligence, internal operations and company protocols have achieved new levels of effectiveness and efficiency. Her work has been instrumental to the success of projects with Seventh Generation, ICVB, and Cornell’s CUFood. Keeping in mind her personal mission and values, she tries to infuse love into everything she does.