Angela Dawson

Owner, Financial Manager

Angela is an optimistic and passionate person who has been making positive contributions to the world for years. For over a decade, she has taught for an online university on the topics of IT and time management, empowering students across the globe. Her desire to partner on do-good projects coupled with her love of numbers naturally led her to CoLab’s accounting position.

In addition to her passion for helping students find their paths to success, Angela is an avid outdoor enthusiast. Whether it’s quality time with her family, hiking, kayaking, dancing, family vacations, swinging on the swings at a playground, attending fairs and festivals, or watching fireworks, every day is an adventure with Angela!

Having lived in cities throughout the U.S., Angela is no stranger to new and exciting experiences. She’s snowshoed in the Cascade Mountains, kayaked in the San Juan Islands (with Orca whales), and hiked Tiger Mountain in the Issaquah Alps.

Currently settled in the beautiful Finger Lakes region with her family, Angela enjoys all the natural amenities upstate New York has to offer: beautiful parks, lakes, gorges, and trails. She is a positive role model for work/life balance, being able to happily devote herself both to her family and to her professional life.

Angela appreciates the balance and flexibility of CoLab, which enables her to raise a young son at home while contributing to good in the world at large. As the saying goes: “Teamwork makes the dream work!”