Amandeep Sapra

Owner, Senior Technologist
Amandeep Sapra


Aman's unique gift is that he can see and express alternative solutions to a given problem. Oftentimes, he will express the contrary view of the majority, enabling more deeply informed decision making. This skill is a great benefit to an engineer, and makes Aman an essential member of any round-table.

Aman received bachelor's degrees in computer science and engineering from Punjab Engineering College before beginning his career in the telecom industry. He then moved into the publishing software industry, spending six years working with Quark India and three years with Quark US. Aman is inventive and skilled in designing and building enterprise servers. He also dabbles in iOS applications. Right now, he is focusing on Big Data, Hadoop, and Machine Learning.

Aman joined CoLab in 2012 because of the people. He found the compassionate and honest team a refreshing change. CoLab gave Aman the freedom to work on his own schedule and not sacrifice his personal life at the altar of money.

In his free time, Aman enjoys reading Indian philosophy, mysticism, and listening to Hindustani classical music. He is an ardent trekker and is beginning to enjoy occasional camping trips. His life's goal is to live perfectly in the present moment, his mind and soul in harmony.