Stephen Platz


Growing up in central New York state, Steve has always had a fondness for the outdoors and enjoys cross country skiing, sailing, paddling and pedaling whenever he can. As a classically trained multi instrumentalist and artist, Steve began using personal computers to explore digital media, spending hours in front of a screen in the dark developing sounds and images in code.

After pursuing interests in sustainable agriculture and traditional boatbuilding, he began his academic work focusing on comparative studies, recognizing persistent concerns he had with the synthesis of theory and practice in creative disciplines. As a graduate student, Steve studied philosophy and media at a small university campus in the Swiss Alps.

At some point, Steve began producing sites on the web and has since been active in utilizing this technology as a resource to disseminate knowledge and build communities. His current work focuses on using Drupal and other open-source web technologies to enable and enrich communities, increasing our sensitivity and compassion for others, rather than distancing us from the work of human relations. After many years working in a Manhattan design studio, Steve was drawn to CoLab by their unique cooperative structure and commitment to working with human-centered organizations.