Rakhi Mandhania

Project Manager
Rakhi Mandhania


DrupalCAP SOS Village


Rakhi helps CoLab teams deliver quality work. She makes sure they stay happy, healthy, productive, and on-time, by getting teammates what they need and unblocking things from time to time. Rakhi specializes in agile and scrum for Drupal projects and for more than 5 years, has been organizing and and presenting at Drupal Camps in India and DrupalCons across US and Europe. She hopes to make as many people as possible love Drupal as much as she does.

Rakhi grew up in a stunningly beautiful place called Guwahati, a city in the heart of Assam surrounded by mountains. She currently lives in Delhi, and takes a trek at least once a month, on foot or motorbike, always seeking places she hasn’t been before.