Peter Hebert


Peter Hebert’s work at CoLab integrates his experience as a developer, designer, project manager, and trainer. With a multifaceted background in the technology industry and the arts, his contributions to client projects vary according to the needs of each circumstance. He brings his knowledge working in a variety of disciplines (web and graphic design, development, project management, IT, video production) to contributions in both creative and technical roles, while stressing the component of communication throughout his work.

Peter grew up in Montreal and also lived for nearly a decade in Ottawa. He currently enjoys the mild climate and craft beer scene in Vancouver. When he’s not working on multimedia projects, doing web design, or project managing, he hikes, plays and watches hockey, and is an avid foodie (before it was, as he says, “a thing”).

A dedicated technologist, Peter has been programming since the early 1980s starting with BASIC on his Commodore VIC-20. He continues to be interested in places where technology intersects with public policy and culture.