Pat Haggerty


From a young age, Pat loved building things and solving problems. Beginning with Lego and Rubik's cubes, he eventually graduated to writing code once he realized that he could be building things with computers to solve problems.

Pat finds immense joy in creative and elegant solutions. He takes great care with his process, emphasizing a collaborative "picking apart" of the problem, making sure to question everything and consider every angle. He is equally comfortable working with small nonprofits and large finance firms, and the breadth of his skills and experience combined with an understanding of his clients’ needs produces effective solutions that solve real problems.

Throughout the years, Pat has felt a strong calling toward education, which lead him to teaching and mentorship roles in both college and high-school Computer Science classrooms. Additionally, he has participated in several after school programs teaching kids and adults of all ages how to code.

Away from the keyboard, Pat is an enthusiastic and aspiring farmer. His most recent journey in this realm saw him in an off-grid cabin on the coast of Maine where he apprenticed on an organic farm and learned to drive draft horses.

In a similar vein Pat is an avid tracker of wild animals -- if there's fresh snow on the ground, you'll find him trailing bobcats or coyotes in the woods of Massachusetts. He sincerely believes in the need to for humans to reconnect with the natural world, and tracking animals is actually one of the best ways to hone the skills needed to solve problems with technology.