Misha Chitharanjan

Senior Developer
Misha Chitharanjan


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Misha has been a web developer for 10 years, and a tinkerer since before he was 10 years old. He works with CoLab on Drupal and WordPress projects, bringing a range of languages and frameworks, from PHP to Symfony. Misha is the author of multiple Drupal and Firefox extensions, and is increasingly interested in cloud deployments with containers, perhaps more than websites themselves.

Misha was born in Singapore and currently lives in Montreal, Canada, in a suburb that’s a 10-minute walk from downtown (Montreal’s geography is weird!). He grew up with Star Trek and history studies, with tech work as a hobby that snowballed into side work and eventually into a career. His past experience includes a computer store, tech support, building in-house tools for web development, creating websites like #GivingTuesday, Global Disability Rights Now!, and It's a Wonderful Loaf, and finally, joining CoLab.