Gabrielle Anctil

Project Manager

Upon meeting Gabrielle, one quickly realizes that she is very very curious about the world and its people. She is so curious in fact that when she turned 20, she picked up her backpack and embarked upon a journey to discover the wonders of the world. She returned to us a fully seasoned project manager, having acquired the skills of her trade while lost in foreign lands. Nothing like dire situations and calamity to help one learn new things (like tracking budgets, finding solutions to any and all things, while simultaneously keeping communication as clear as possible). Once home in Montreal, she immediately put her new-found skills to use, and Gabbie has since found herself doing project management in some form or another. Quite obviously, she was made for this job.

This burning curiosity has gotten her to explore other avenues, as well. Along the way, Gabrielle picked up some web-development skills, and she now freely navigates her way through Wordpress and Drupal sites. She also works as a freelance journalist, writing about such topics as architecture, urban planning and co-op culture. In her spare time, she works to build a just(er) world by advocating for a safer city as spokesperson of the Ghost Bike ceremonies in Montreal or by coordinating the latest book by the cyclo-feminist collective Les dérailleuses. She’s also fond of getting her hands dirty and volunteers as a bike mechanic at the local community bike shop. ¿Habla Español? Parlez-vous français?… Gabbie also speaks three languages fluently. Can she be stopped? No one knows.

With Gabrielle, going to university was only one part of the learning equation. For her, learning is a process unconstrained by institutions -- with a thirst for knowledge, any encounter can serve as a source of inspiration. Whether it’s with new clients or a new project, Gabrielle believes that collaboration should be the basis of any interaction, and through this shared work, we find opportunities for discovering new perspectives and ways of seeing the world.