Danny Spitzberg

Technology strategist
Danny Spitzberg


Danny has deep love for writing, publishing, and history. He embraces spaces that are outside of ‘work’, especially being part of a weekly reading group in Oakland, California called Reading The Hebrew Bible Very Slowly. Danny see cooperatives as key to closing economic and political loopholes. He hosts gatherings called Co-op Barn-Raisers, for people in law, finance, and product to help startups transform into co-ops. This community helped start the campaign to #BuyTwitter and democratize all of the platforms we depend on. Danny also organizes with programmer and media producers in Cuba and internationally, exploring the possibilities of decolonizing technology and building alternative means.

Danny is also a sociologist with ethics, comma, for hire. He joined CoLab in 2017 as a technology strategist, doing field research and prototyping with major partners creating platforms and campaigns. Before CoLab, Danny worked with a wide variety of clients, including 18 Million Rising, the P2P Foundation, and The Lean Startup Co., to build community platforms and grow active membership. Danny is committed to volunteer-led organizing, cooperative alternatives to growth metrics, and eventually, returning all wealth to the commons.