Ajit Shinde

Ajit Shinde



Ajit offsets all the time he spends in front of his computer with a healthy dose of time outdoors, conquering summits, jumping off cliffs or discovering new fish while scuba diving. Simply put: he’d rather spend the weekend hiking up a mountain than dancing in a club.

Still, his passion is with computers. When he’s back at his desk, Ajit is fully committed to what he does best: working on Drupal websites. His bachelors in Computer Engineering led him to collaborate on Drupal projects, which he’s been doing for over 5 years now. His love extends beyond his work and he is proud to have given back to the community by committing modules that he develops to the Drupal catalog, answering on Drupal forums and speaking at various technical events. On the CoLab team, he is involved with the backend development of Drupal websites, working to optimize content architecture and build sturdy platforms using best practices.

Working from his hometown of Pune, India, Ajit brings to CoLab his passion for software development and a desire to work on projects which help make the world a better place.