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Senior Tech Strategy Lead

CoLab is looking for a senior tech strategist to help usher this 7+ year tech co-op into the next era of technology development.

We are ready as an org to take a quantum leap forward as an organization; and we are hoping that you are likewise ready for a joyful shift! Prepare to roll up your sleeves to support our efforts to benefit the Common Good.

Our vision is to build upon our extensive history of work, thought, and relationship building at the nexus between co-operativism, community cultural and economic development, and technologies of collaboration.

We see emerging technologies such as blockchain technology and the decentralized autonomous organizations they support as offering a fundamental shift in the foundation of technical systems, a shift which redefines our ability to architect new co-operative systems of value exchange. Decentralized collaboration coupled with advances in ethics and the emergence of a reconstituted civic virtue will we hope lead to more humane technologies and empowered communities.

If this vision resonates with you, with your sense of life purpose, please read on…

  • Have a passion for social and environmental justice.
  • See technology as a high leverage instrument for bringing about a more equitable and sustainable future.
  • Study philosophies, histories, and activities of positive change. Or interested to learn.
  • Seeking a familial environment, where our core strength lies not smarts, but in togetherness Have realized a degree of leadership in your professional life.
  • See business relationships, and specifically co-operative economics, as a central pillar of efforts to better our communities.
  • Recognize that we are humans before we are of any particular gender, race, class, or religion.
  • Understand that our work is.collaborative, from the ground up: supporting agency, listening with empathy, speaking with balance, and cultivating unity.
  • Each is equitably valued for their contributions, regardless of their appearance, identity, or beliefs.
  • Sees that working in collaboration with peers as a duo is an inherent strength in most situations
  • Welcomes diversity of viewpoints
  • Welcome constructive feedback. Don’t easily take offence to respectful dissent or get defensive in challenging discussions.
Core Responsibilities
  • Establish relationships with partners that lead to new business opportunities including investment, strategic partnerships, and new contracts for technology services.
  • Work with Delivery to identify tech leads for projects needing proposals.
  • Architect solutions to large, complex, projects involving multiple stakeholders.
  • Complete technical estimation for large, complex, projects involving multiple stakeholders.
  • Co-author proposals for strategic partnerships, investment in CoLab, and/or new work contracts.
  • Work with legal team to finalize agreements as contracts and/or Memo of Understanding.
  • Co-lead innovation team in the process of evaluating, prototyping and launching experiments in emerging technologies of relevance to the platform cooperativism sector.
  • Ready to roll up your sleeves and contribute code towards the projects you are helping to architect while leading a team and reviewing the work of others.
  • Embrace and empathize with the strategic objectives of our partners and clients.
  • Are excited to contribute ideas and action to the overall trajectory of CoLab.
  • See yourself as a craftsmen or a poet of code for whom excellence is a standard.
Soft Skills
  • Experience bringing technology products to market
  • Experience in "mission driven" technology and the measurement of social impact
  • Experience working with, leading, and building teams
  • Experience designing work processes related to technology development
  • Work with marketing to coordinate strategy
  • Listen to and respect peer and client feedback.
  • Build client trust and goodwill in early stages of relationship
  • Support delivery team by providing all information needed for strong project kickoffs as we take on new work.
  • Maintain relations with clients or partners in a high-level ‘account management’ role
  • Set and manage expectations with client including regarding time, money, and impact.
  • Help to keep work ‘on track’ by being mindful of technical efficiencies and budgets.
  • Review pull requests, mentor teammates, and generally elevate the quality of work of all.
  • Communicate proactively and clearly when adjustments are needed in project plans.
  • Provide client and peer satisfaction.
  • Support project ‘retrospectives’ with insightful feedback.
  • Support reviews of peers and help to optimize org processes
  • Qualify new relationships through a discovery process
  • Manage the customer journey through strategic roll out of features and work deliveries.
  • Support allocation of resources to maximize client satisfaction and project impact.
  • Improve proposal writing process iteratively contributing to a body of work shared.
  • Comfortable sharing authorship and in working collaboratively via technological tools.
What is CoLab Co-op?

We are a diverse band of globally minded humans. Founded in 2010 as a worker-owned cooperative web agency to help solve global problems through collaboration and innovation. Our work focuses on simple, purpose-driven solutions. Our clients benefit from working with dedicated, talented team members who have been growing together for many years and who continue to form long lasting relationships with fellow workers, partners, and clients.

Through our work together, we hope to build a brighter future where cooperative work contributes to a more peaceful and just world.

Time Commitment

This position requires about 5-10 hours/week. Our working hours are +/- 3 hours eastern time zone. This initial engagement starts in mid-June and lasts through December 2018, with strong potential for long-term work across a variety of clients. The ideal candidate is interested in pursuing membership with CoLab’s cooperative structure, but this is not a requirement.

Location Requirement

Position is open to applicants living outside of the U.S. or living in Alabama, California, Massachusetts, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Texas, Vermont, or Washington State. Our working hours are mainly +/- 3 hours Eastern time zone.


Hourly, commensurate with experience.

  • Flexible schedule
  • Friendly peers
  • Participate in mission-driven projects
  • Lots of room to grow
  • Educational resources
  • Stretch responsibilities that challenge you to level up!
  • Path to ownership
  • Value-aligned community
  • Respect for work / life balance
Application Close Date

June 25, 2018

Ownership Candidacy

A path to ownership is open for the candidate. Details are based upon current membership criteria and subject to approval from the Board of Directors.


Please email jobs@colab.coop with the subject line “Senior Tech Strategy Lead.” Please be prepared to share the following: a brief cover letter about your background and why you are looking for this kind of work, resume/CV, portfolio or professional links, writing samples, availability to start, and any questions you might have for us. We look forward to talking with you!